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Corporate Events

When you place your company, brand or organization in the spotlight by hosting a corporate event, there’s no question that you have little margin for error. By enlisting the services of Dan Chassé Inc., not only do you ensure a highly polished, professional presentation, but you also alleviate a lot of the pressures associated with organizing such an event. Whether your event is outdoors, in a school or office building, a theatre, restaurant, board room or place of worship, we will make sure you have exactly the right equipment for the venue. All of our recommendations will also take into consideration the nature of your business or organization and its audience. We can provide solutions for your:


  • Annual meeting / investor presentation
  • Fundraiser or benefit
  • Employee event
  • Non-profit, charitable event
  • Trade show presentation
  • Product unveiling
  • Sales presentation
  • and more

Our consulting services can help you get the most out of your venue, budget and schedule while avoiding any unfortunate oversights or complications. Contact us for any of the following:

  •  Supply of equipment and qualified labour
  • Supply, installation, operation and removal of all technical elements
  • Training and instruction
  • Acquisition of necessary licenses, permits and inspections
  • Insurance, liability and workplace safety
  • Scheduling and timelines

Consultation for:

  • budgetary requirements/restrictions
  • performance/exhibit content
  • event schedule
  • venues and staging
  • labour requirements and regulations
  • municipal laws and restrictions
  • sound and lighting equipment
  • special effects
  • technical riders

Sound and Lighting Equipment for sale or rent:

  • Audio equipment
    • speakers and amplifiers
    • microphones, stands and wireless mics
    • cabling
    • monitors
    • consoles
    • generators
    • cable mats
  • Lighting
    • lights
    • console
  • Backline equipment
    • drum kits and cymbals
  • Stage
    • stairs, railings, windwalls, etc.
    • staging drapes
  • Video
    • projectors
    • screens