DanChasseInc.ca will now be DCIncLiveEvent.ca.

Festivals and Concerts

Festivals and concerts present a host of unique challenges that demand the most diligent attention to detail and preventative safety measures. Dan Chassé Inc. excels at providing top quality lighting and sound, but more than that, we can help you plan for the ramifications of crowd management, power delivery, structural safety, inclement weather and more. We draw from a breadth of experience in high-profile concerts and festivals for artists and performers such as Elton John, Keith Urban, 50 Cent, Bill Cosby, Russell Peters and many others. We will apply that very same experience to your event – whether big or small – to help you plan and produce a professional quality show that will wow your audience and operate smoothly. Talk to us today to benefit from our experience in the areas of:

  • Supply of equipment and qualified labour
  • Supply, installation, operation and removal of all technical elements
  • Training and instruction
  • Advice and direction for the acquisition of necessary licenses, permits and inspections needed for your event
  • Insurance, liability and workplace safety
  • Scheduling and timelines

Consultation for:

  • budgetary requirements/restrictions
  • performance/exhibit content
  • event schedule
  • venues and staging
  • labour requirements and regulations
  • municipal laws and restrictions
  • sound and lighting equipment
  • special effects
  • technical riders

Equipment rentals and installation:

  • sound and lighting equipment
  • staging and drapery
  • backline equipment
  • video equipment

Personnel (local whenever possible):

  • technical directors
  • audio technicians
  • stage hands
  • stage managers
  • set & lighting designers
  • video producers & directors
  • production assistants